Mayfair 2021 Special Projects

Mayfair 2021 Special Projects – “Elevating” Billings Catholic Schools

Each year, Mayfair focuses on a “Special Project” to fulfill a specific need within our schools.  The Mayfair 2021 Special Project is a handicap accessibility, safety for all, and beautification plan at Billings Central Catholic High School.


In keeping with Mayfair’s mission – helping to make a faith-based education available to ALL students,  Billings Catholic Schools has identified a three-phase project to enhance our facility to better serve our students.

Check out the Mayfair 2021 Special Project video trailer “ELEVATE!”


Please keep the success of the Mayfair Special Project in your thoughts and prayers.

If you would like to make a donation to the 2021 Special Projects, please click here and type in “2021 Mayfair Special Projects” in the campaign or comment line.