Meet Gabby, David, and Jessica; Opportunities for Their Future

In talking about our Billings Catholic Schools, Jessica Sprattler gushes about her daughter’s teacher, “Mrs. Vaira is amazing – Gabby loves going to school! Mrs. Vaira has a way of working with every student and meeting them where they are.”

As Jessica describes her, Gabby is a bit of a prankster, “She is the funniest person I know. I’m constantly cracking up on the little jokes and pranks she plays on me.” That fun attitude can be seen on the playground as Gabby is a magnet for friends and always in the middle of the pack.

Outside of the classroom, Gabby has taken to competitive cheerleading with Billings All Stars Cheer. Dressed in her best, Gabby demonstrates her natural leadership skills belting out her cheers in synchronized movements with her teammates. This upcoming season, she will travel to Bozeman; Missoula; Reno, NV; and Mesa, AZ.

Gabby’s little brother, David, is a little lamb at St. Francis Early Childhood Preschool. Like his big sister, competition seems to be in his veins as he constantly throws or kicks a ball. If David is doing anything else, it is wrestling his sister Gabby. “It’s causing me grey hair,” admits Jessica.

As for her, Jessica’s passion and career are early childhood. Through her work, she has expanded afterschool and preschool care for children of low-income families in Billings. Jessica is currently the assistant director for Buttons and Bows Childcare ensuring high quality care of 124 children. Her programs consistently receive top marks by the MT Department of Public Health and Human Services.

In speaking about why she chose Billings Catholic Schools, Jessica reflected, “I never seriously considered Catholic schools until I took a tour of Billings Central through a leadership training course. It opened my eyes and my heart. Our Catholic schools are a great education and faith formation, and I want that for my kids. It is important to me that Gabby and David have the opportunities for whatever their future’s hold.”

Jessica went on, “I work a second, part-time job on the weekends to make it all work, and I still wouldn’t be able to afford tuition on my own. I’m so grateful for the parish and donor scholarships. It’s made such a difference to my kids!”

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