New Billings Catholic Schools’ President Begins Tenure

On June 30, Andrew McDonald began his tenure as President of our Billings Catholic Schools. He comes from Denver, CO where he served as Principal of Our Lady of Loreto Catholic school. In speaking with Andrew on our Catholic schools, opportunities ahead, and this new adventure;

On the purpose of our Catholic schools:

“Catholic schools are an investment in the future – the future of our faith and of our children. The Catholic school approach is fundamentally different in that we are called to form saints, not just students. Our end goal is eternity, not just college or career readiness. We aim to help young men and women discover who God created them to be by educating the whole child. Alongside parents, as the primary educators of their children, Catholic schools serve as the community in which children can flourish in the fullness of their faith, intellect, and extracurricular pursuits to become who they were created to be.”

On the opportunities before our Billings Catholic Schools:

“First is to listen – to God and where He would like to lead us; to our Church for whom we are a ministry; to our parents who trust us and partner with us in the formation of their children; and to our BCS family, our friends and alumni who ensure our schools have both a rich history and promising future. As we strive to live out the mission of Billings Catholic Schools, we know the Lord is alive and working within this system to lead us forward. We know the future is bright!”

On this New Adventure:

“Montana is God’s country, plain and simple, so when the chance to move our family to Billings was presented, we knew we had to explore the possibility. Now that we are here, as a part of this incredible community, with the opportunity to serve alongside everyone that has, and continues to make this system what it is today, it is truly a blessing. As a parent to younger children, I am privileged to experience BCS, not only as an employee, but also as a parent. I am excited to watch them learn, grow, and flourish as residents of Billings and proud Billings
Catholic Schools students.”

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