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Andrew McDonald Named President of Billings Catholic Schools

Andrew McDonald Named President of Billings Catholic Schools Billings Catholic Schools (BCS) is pleased to name Andrew McDonald as President. McDonald replaces Shaun Harrington who retired in January. McDonald brings more than 20 years’ experience in Catholic education as a teacher and administrator. Most recently, he served as principal of Our Lady of Loretto Catholic

Meet Your Mayfair Chairs of 2022!

Meet Your Mayfair Chairs of 2022! Meet Jim and Christine Harris – your next Mayfair Chairs of 2022. They love their Billings Catholic Schools. Whether helping the kindergartners during the lunch hour or attending the big games, Jim and Christine are usually somewhere to be found around our schools. As parents, they’ve lived the changes

Futures Built Here

Futures Built Here Mayfair Special Project to Address BCS Science Needs By this time next year, our Billings Catholic School’s students will ask questions, form hypotheses, observe and experiment, collect data, and draw conclusions with the latest STEM curriculum. As an institution dedicated to academic excellence, teaching the scientific method forms our students in the

What’s Mayfair?

What’s Mayfair? For new families in our Billings Catholic Schools, the first question I’m often asked is, “What’s Mayfair?” I usually retort, “WHAT! You haven’t heard of Mayfair!” I usually have their attention after that. As I tell every Catholic school parent that will suffer with me, Mayfair is our BCS Parents’ event – not

How do I Support Mayfair 2022?

How Do I Support Mayfair 2022? First, will you help volunteer? Mayfair needs your time! Does seeking out sponsorships or asking for charitable items appeal to you? Will you help us at the event itself? Contact the Foundation to ask about volunteer opportunities through Mayfair. Second, will you, your business, your employer sponsor Mayfair? Many

Cayden Merchant: Basketball, But So Much More!

Cayden Merchant: Basketball, But So Much More! If you follow Billings Central Ram’s basketball, you know Cayden Merchant. Cayden is leader and senior on this year’s Men’s Rams squad. Speaking of one of his fellow seniors, “Brock is terrible, he was supposed to help me!” Cayden says with a twinkle in his eye and a

Our BCS Students Say, “Thank You!”

Our BCS Students Say, "Thank You!" You met three students the week of Mayfair: Camden Capser, Chae Lee, and Halzey Ryan. All three are extraordinary students who at one point or another needed a lift and were left without. Because of you and your gifts to Mayfair’s special project, the students of Billings Central will

The New School Year is Here – YOU Make it Possible!

  With the Beginning of the School Year Here, YOU Make it Possible! Summer is coming to an end and many Billings Catholic Schools students are transitioning from vacation mode to the new routines that come with the start of school. Our exceptional students have shown resilience through extremely difficult and uncertain times. Through your

Viva Cristo Rey! A Memorial Endowment for Ruben Day

Viva Cristo Rey! A Memorial Endowment for Ruben Day This past Mayfair, the Billings Catholic Schools posthumously awarded Ruben Day with the Legacy Award. We announced the establishment of a Ruben Day Memorial Endowment as well, with an opportunity to give to this endowment at a later time. That time has come! Ruben Day passed

Old Billings Catholic School building could have new owner

Posted: 4:37 PM, Jan 10, 2019 Updated: 12:50 PM, Jul 17, 2019 By: Samantha Sullivan BILLINGS – The century-old St. Francis School building in downtown Billings will likely have a new owner. Harrison Fagg, who developed the Granite Tower across the street, and his son, Russ, a former Billings district judge, plan to purchase the building on North


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