Legacy Gifts

Endowment Funding Opportunities The Strategic Long Range Plan of the Billings Catholic Schools identified four areas of endowment funding opportunities:

  • Access for Students
  • Academics
  • Catholic Identity
  • Faculty Development


A diverse population is a strength and goal for the Billings Catholic Schools and we believe all students who seek a Catholic education should receive one regardless of their ability to pay. As tuition increases, so do the requests for financial assistance. Your support of a thriving endowment will offer assistance to students who seek a Catholic education but cannot afford to attend without financial help.


The focus remains on fulfilling the School’s most vital needs. At times, the Billings Catholic Schools must reach beyond its operating budget to secure funding for programs and to keep pace with the latest technology, providing students with increased access to the newest hardware and software. Instruments for all academic areas, such as science and music, art and business, require periodic upgrading. An increased endowment will provide the resources needed to meet this challenge.


As we move into this new century at the Billings Catholic Schools, we believe our original mission is as meaningful today as it was in 1911, and certainly as needed. We believe the world continues to cry out for Christian values, therefore, we continue to view education as a “moral activity” and continue to take seriously our efforts to produce “servant leaders for the church and the world.” Additional funding from endowment will enable the Billings Catholic Schools to continue to live the mission.


The Billings Catholic Schools boast a highly qualified and dedicated faculty chosen for their abilities to serve as role models as well as for their teaching skills. Billings Catholic School teachers have an average of 12 years teaching experience and more than 35% hold graduate degrees. We recognize the need for salary and benefit offerings to reflect the value of their teaching skills. A stronger endowment will strengthen the Billings Catholic School’s ability to attract and retain the most qualified teachers.