The Cornerstone – Meet Jack Milroy

Jack Milroy is arguably the most mature senior in the class of 2024. Why? His mom, Dr. Colleen Milroy, took an incredible appointment at the University of North Carolina Medical Center. His dad, David Milroy, is a physical therapist splitting time between Raleigh and Billings. Colin, Jack’s younger brother, recently started at The Franciscan Middle…

The Cornerstone – Meet The Browns

Gordyn Brown, a sophomore at Billings Central Catholic High School, just received his driver’s license this past summer. That amazing feeling of freedom coursed through his body. But as every good parent does, his mom, Jessica, brought her son back down to earth, “Now you get to bring your sister to school every day!”

The Cornerstone – Meet Fr. Curtis Seidel

Following HIS Footsteps Fr. Curtis Seidel, a 2005 alumni, never expected his life to go the way it has. “I was marginally Catholic when I started at Billings Central my freshman year,“ he states matter-of-factly. As he goes on, “Attending Central was significant for me. I’m not saying I wouldn’t be a priest without Central,…

The Cornerstone – Meet Olivia

Coming Here was Lights on for Me The term eclectic comes to mind when discussing Billings Central Senior Olivia Tourtlotte’s many and varied interests. High achieving is another with how well she accomplishes each! After discussing her state championship in soccer, college choices, and future career plans as a dermatologist or dentist, Olivia casually mentions,…

The Cornerstone – The First of Many

Welcome to The Cornerstone, your first quarterly newsletter from your family at the Billings Catholic Schools and Foundation. In these pages, you will read stories of tremendous students, families, and alumni; school updates and happenings; invitations to events; and of course, ways to continue your support of our schools.