What’s Mayfair?

What’s Mayfair?

For new families in our Billings Catholic Schools, the first question I’m often asked is, “What’s Mayfair?” I usually retort, “WHAT! You haven’t heard of Mayfair!” I usually have their attention after that.

As I tell every Catholic school parent that will suffer with me, Mayfair is our BCS Parents’ event – not the school’s, not the foundation’s. Mayfair only does does as well as our parents want it to! It is an event that directly benefits our children and their schools.

47 years ago, a group of Billings Catholic Schools parents and alumni gathered to help our Billings Catholic Schools who were struggling at that time. An idea was hatched, a gala diAdam Libertynner and auction that was popular in other parts of the country but had yet to make its way to Billings. This event would be held in the spring, around May 1st to support the schools and its students. The first Mayfair had 150 live auction lots! The best live auction lot from that first Mayfair – an actual pony!

More than just a fundraiser, Mayfair is a great time for our Billings Catholic Schools family. Think of it as our annual BCS family reunion. For Mayfair newbies, gather your friends for food, drinks, and some competitive bidding. You’ll be into it, trust us! For Mayfair veterans, it’s been too long, join your family once again.

So why Mayfair? Let’s think about our schools without Mayfair. Without Mayfair, tuition would be much greater. Without Mayfair, our students would lack a 21st century learning environment. Without Mayfair, our schools would not exist as they do today.

Mayfair needs you – our Billings Catholic Schools family. The more funds raised from Mayfair means greater growth for our kids at our Billings Catholic Schools.

We’ll see you at Mayfair!



Adam Liberty


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