Futures Built Here


Futures Built Here

Mayfair Special Project to Address BCS Science Needs

By this time next year, our Billings Catholic Schoolā€™s students will ask questions, form hypotheses, observe and experiment, collect data, and draw conclusions with the latest STEM curriculum. As an institution dedicated to academic excellence, teaching the scientific method forms our students in the lifelong journey of discovering the truth of our world.

To be frank with you, our science labs are dated, our materials old, and our equipment limps along. Our science teachers and their students make do with what they have. Often, the incredible things they learn are in-spite of the materials they have in front of them. Our teachers do incredible work!

Now, imagine what new equipment and learning materials will open for our students. These days, learning does not just happen from a book ā€“ often outdated in just a few years. It takes place in the world and out in nature. With new scientific breakthroughs seemingly every day, digital materials are necessary for the latest information. Experiments that were once confined to university laboratories only a short time ago can now happen within our high school. Even better, science kits are designed for the youngest among us ā€“ even down to the Preschool students of St. Francis Early Childhood.

It is with enthusiasm our kids explore careers in the sciences, such as doctors, chemists, biologists, foresters, geologists, engineers, and computer scientists. It is our goal to explore early and discuss often the possibilities for our students in this ever-expanding field.

Give our budding scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians at Billings Catholic Schools what they need. Give to the Mayfair special project!

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