Meet Your Mayfair Chairs of 2022!

Meet Your Mayfair Chairs of 2022!

Meet Jim and Christine Harris – your next Mayfair Chairs of 2022. They love their Billings Catholic Schools. Whether helping the kindergartners during the lunch hour or attending the big games, Jim and Christine are usually somewhere to be found around our schools. As parents, they’ve lived the changes our schools. The older children, Libby and Zach, attended St. Francis Primary, Intermediate, and Upper Schools, to now their younger children, Jill and Jonah, experiencing the new St. Francis Catholic School.

As supporters, their generosity speaks volumes. They’ve purchased their fair share of Mayfair auction items. When asked if they’ve used all those items they’ve bought over the years, Jim responded with a laugh, “It’s all for the cause!”

Beyond Mayfair, Jim and Christine were dedicated to the building the new school, believing its transformation of our system. With such a history in our Catholic Schools, it was natural to ask Jim and Christine to host Mayfair 2022. They know the responsibility and importance of Mayfair to our schools. “It is an honor to be asked,” says Christine, “but it’s not about us, it takes our whole BCS family to pull off Mayfair every year – we’re happy to be a part!”

The duty does not fall on the Harris’ alone. Sharing the load are their co-chairs, Alicia and Quinn Donovan. The Donovan’s are just beginning their legacy with our Catholic schools, as their son Bentley attends first grade this year. They have jumped head-first into volunteering and supporting our schools.

The Harris’ and the Donovan’s invite you to Mayfair 2022. Join us the evening of Saturday, May 7. They look forward to showing you their vision and seeing you in person!

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