Salute to Valedictorians — Class of 2017

Central Catholic High School — Aubrey Walter

Parents: Kevin and Beth Walter

Middle School: St. Francis Upper

Elementary School: St. Francis Primary and Intermediate

Future Plans: While I am unsure of the college that I will be attending at this time, I am looking forward to studying business next year.

Most challenging or Rewarding Class: My AP Calculus class is by far my most challenging class. The advanced material and complex processes are difficult to grasp. However, this math class has been quite rewarding. The time spent studying the materials yields gratification when I can solve, what looks to be, the hardest problems known to man!

Teacher: Señora Dicken has been a very influential teacher in my life. Taking Spanish with Señora for many years has allowed me to know her beyond the classroom. She is not only dedicated to progressing our Spanish skills, but also cares about our lives as students. Her love for life radiates daily and has taught me to do what I love, and love what I do.

Extracurricular Activities: Student Council, Orchestra, Softball, Kids Connecting Kids, National Honor Society

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