Salute to Valedictorians — Class of 2017

Central Catholic High School — Johnny Elliott

Parents: Dr. Jim Elliott and Mrs. Laurie Stergar

Middle School: St. Francis Upper

Elementary School: St. Francis Primary and Intermediate

Future Plans: Accepted to multiple universities, decision forthcoming. I plan to study architecture or Chemical Engineering with plans to pursue a medical degree. I would like to become a radiologist, along with aspirations of a political career.

Most challenging or Rewarding Class: I have two. AP Environmental Science, taught by Dr. Wines and Western Civilization taught by Shane Fairbanks. Dr. Wines brings a phd and a college level curriculum to a high school class, and Mr. Fairbanks not only teaches an extremely fascinating subject, but he brings a passion to his job that inspires me every single day.

Teacher: Mr. Jim Stanton was my middle school principle, and he has had the greatest positive impact on me. As a principle he constantly placed me in leadership roles, as my head high school football coach he has instilled in me determination, discipline, and a great work ethic. He has made me a better student, football player, friend, and overall person.

Extracurricular Activities: Montana Rotary Youth Leadership, basketball, football, Youth Leadership Billings, Kids Connecting with Kids

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