Thank You Dr. Pierson

Dr. Craig Pierson’s hobbies are extensive and eclectic to say the least. With a keen sense of discovery paired with a sharp mind, Craig’s interests encompass passions in sciences, music, sports, nature and journalism.

As a former chemist with ExxonMobil, Craig became the chemistry teacher at Billings Central in 2001 after earning his M.Ed. in teaching through the “teaching as a second career” program through MSU-Billings.  His passion for the field is felt by his students.

As one senior, Christian Kay said of Dr. Pierson, “I truly discovered my interest in science in my chemistry classes where I truly felt challenged by my teacher, Dr. Pierson.” Thanks to Dr. Pierson, his passion and credentials, many BC students availed themselves of high school/college dual credit classes, allowing students to graduate high school with college credits!

Throughout his life, Dr. Pierson’s passion for sports and the arts have driven his interests. He has skied the world, from Montana to Austria. Craig helped to establish figure skating within our Billings community. He and his wife, Mary Ann, square dance and have published 26 round-dances. Craig has spent many a day on the rivers and lakes kayaking and wind surfing. He was a dedicated collector of coins. As members of several hand bell choirs, Mary Ann and Craig have played the hand bells for decades now!

Dr. Pierson’s generosity is creating impacts both now and forever. With Dr. Pierson’s persistence and philanthropy, Billings Central is moving forward with an elevator to support those with mobility challenges. In recent years, Craig has established perpetual endowments through his estate plans at the University of Montana for music and journalism scholarships and at Carroll College for a STEM professorship.

Dr. Pierson’s last day at Billings Central was Thursday, June 2 after 21 years of teaching. His impact on his students, Billings Central, and our world will be felt for generations.

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