The New School Year is Here – YOU Make it Possible!


With the Beginning of the School Year Here, YOU Make it Possible!

Summer is coming to an end and many Billings Catholic Schools students are transitioning from vacation mode to the new routines that come with the start of school. Our exceptional students have shown resilience through extremely difficult and uncertain times. Through your generosity, some of that uncertainty is eased. This 2021-22 school year, over 120 students in our schools will benefit from the $90,000+ in Foundation scholarships. Your support makes it possible for families like the Melugins to continue their Catholic education.

Meet Theo, a 2nd grader at St. Francis. Theo and his father, Kyle suffered personal tragedy last year and attribute much of their healing to the emotional support from fellow students, teachers and families at St. Francis. The Melugins were awarded the St. Pius X Fr. Steve Memorial Scholarship and The Jim & Lin Roscoe Scholarship this year. Read on for the thank you notes sent in from Theo and his dad, Kyle:

“I wanted to thank you for supporting my son’s education at St. Francis school. He was so thrilled to be chosen for both of these scholarships. It helps us a lot to be relieved of some of the financial responsibility for Theo to have an education at St. Francis.

As an alumni of BCS, I know first-hand what a student receives from attending the Catholic schools. As Theo’s dad, I’ve seen the difference it makes in his attitude and how he approaches situations in life. This last year especially, with the pandemic and his mom passing away, and even while she battled cancer, the family setting of the school helped both of us to overcome the challenges those things created for us. I firmly believe it would have been much more difficult without the constant emotional support we received from teachers, staff and other parents.
We look forward to this upcoming year and the opportunity for another wonderful school year at St. Francis. Thanks again for helping make that possible.” ~ Kyle Melugin

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